I find the constant interaction between the tangible, digital and internal world the most fascinating aspect of life. My artistic research is grounded in this theme as I ask myself, can I bring these worlds together? Can I create a unified state of being?

I have equally authentic memories of the digital world as of real life. I have played video games since I was a kid, and I never stopped. I am part of a generation that experiences the digital domain as an extension to our tangible world. It is still, however, merely information on a 2-dimensional shape. Because of the social nature, I feel the digital world is a third realm which lies in the middle of the fantastical and tangible. It is also interesting to me that retreating to nature, away from the digital world, has now become an act of escapism. Whereas the digital world (of videogames) - typically contextualised as tools for escapism - has become an integral part of my understanding of reality. Essentially, my work is a journey towards sublation between the tangible, digital and internal worlds.

I try to explore the fringes of these worlds by combining imagery that have no clear context of what dimension they entail. ‘The contemplative landscape’ is an ongoing project for which I create large, enigmatic minimalistic landscapes, that go beyond the context of their physical location to invite an intrinsic experience. Besides exploring earthly nature, I find it interesting to hunt for the same compositions digitally. I traverse video game lands, specifically ‘the Legend of Zelda’, looking for the same meditative qualities. With photography and film I also try to combine these efforts, by looking for compositions in reality with an artificial component. All the works are in different spheres, but I find my internal experience all the same. Ideally, my work comes together in a three dimensional space, as the non linear quality of any space gives the best context to create and sculpt my associative shadow realm. This arrangement is also a reference to the way my generation experiences the world and media and the way one plays an open world videogame. There are snippets from everywhere, all the time, waiting for you to explore.

Because at the end of the day, I just want to make people feel like I do when I play the Legend of Zelda.