I find the constant interaction between the tangible, digital and internal world the most fascinating aspect of life. My artistic research is grounded in this theme as I ask myself, can I bring these worlds together? Can I create a unified state of being?

I have equally authentic memories of the digital world as of real life. I have played video games since I was a kid, and I never stopped. It is interesting to me that retreating to nature, away from the digital world, has now become an act of escapism. Whereas the digital world (of video-games) - typically contextualised as tools for escapism - has become an integral part of my understanding of reality.

Can I create an ephemeral all encompassing realm? A world that simultaneously induces emotional experience and is a reflection of our times? What type of regions does this world have, and what inhabits it? I have been exploring these questions with an eclectic approach and I see my practice as a library of photography, video pieces, installations, and soundscapes that can be composed differently in the space they are given.

Ideally, my world comes together in a three dimensional space, as the non linear quality of any space gives the best context to create and sculpt my associative shadow realm. This arrangement is also a reference to the way my generation experiences the world and media and the way one plays an open world video-game. There are snippets from everywhere, all the time, waiting for you to explore.

At the end of the day, I just want to make people feel like I do when I play ‘the Legend of Zelda’.