My practice is concerned with exploring and questioning escapist realms, wether physical or digital. I traverse these lands by foot, mouse or joystick and use the camera to create large enigmatic imagery to invoke a meditative experience. I wonder what escapism means for the human condition, as it is so seemingly pointless yet so irrefutably important. Can I create an ephemeral all encompassing realm? A world that induces emotional experience? What type of regions does this world have, and what inhabits it?

I focus on building a world that is simplistic, experiential, and transcendental. Ideally, this world comes together in a three dimensional space, wether physical or digital. A world for an audience to truly step into, whilst maintaining a suspense of disbelief usually found in cinema or video games. The world is perpetually under construction: I have been creating with an eclectic approach and I see my practice as a library of photography, 3D renders, video pieces, installations, and soundscapes that can be composed differently in the space they are given. This arrangement is also a references he way one plays an open world video-game: there are snippets from everywhere, all the time, waiting for you to explore.